How To Make Your Workspace Work For You

Turn your desk into a more calming (and productive) environment with these office additions.

By Rachel Waldman

Office space oasis

We spend as much, if not more time at our desks than we do at our homes, which is why it’s imperative that our offices not only feel conducive to getting work done but also offer the mood-boosting vibrations we all desperately need. Consider easy ways to fold some elevated, energy boosting lifesavers into an otherwise drab office routine from warm lighting that instantly adds some ambiance to any studious enclave to an aromatic diffuser to help counteract overactive nerves to healthy snacks to combat mid-afternoon slump, a sustainable yet chic solution for all-day hydration, and a potted plant to add some life to your deskscape. Below, 18 office additions to help make your workstation work for you.

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