Money & Power: Women to Watch

By The Helm

The Teachers

  • Alexa Von Tobel

    Founder & CEO

    this financial planning platform brings you a plan for your money at a fraction of typical costs

    @alexavontobel   @LearnVest

  • Bola Onada Sokunbi

    Founder & CEO
    Clever Girl Finance

    a financial empowerment platform for women who want to take charge of their finances


  • Natalia Oberti Noguera

    Founder & CEO
    Pipeline Angels

    a company changing the face of angel investing

    @nakisnakis @PipelineAngels

  • Tonya Rapley

    My Fab Finance

    a leading financial education and lifestyle blog for millennials


  • Sallie Krawcheck

    Co-founder & CEO

    an online investment advisor for women

    @SallieKrawcheck @Ellevest

  • Vicki Zhou

    Co-founder & co-CEO

    the world’s first free financial advisor

    @vickizhou1 @WiseBanyan

The Innovators

  • Christine Carrillo

    Founder & CEO

    demystifying the process of choosing your health insurance

    @christinecarril @HelloJoany

  • Kelly Peeler

    Founder & CEO

    helping GenZ navigate student loans over text message

    @KellyPeeler @NextGenVest

  • Rhian Horgan

    Founder & CEO

    creating a better retirement plan for American families


  • Shivani Siroya

    Founder & CEO

    opening up financial access for underserved people globally

    @shivsiroya @talamobile

  • Tammy Sun

    Founder & CEO
    Carrot Fertility

    a fertility benefit for modern companies

    @tammysun @CarrotFertility

  • Yifan Zhang

    Co-founder & CEO

    gives you a down payment in exchange for splitting Airbnb income on a spare room for 12-36 months

    @yifanz @loftium


The Futurists

  • Alyse Killeen

    Founding Partner
    StillMark Co.

    VC, author, and early blockchain investor


  • Arianna Simpson

    Early Stage Investor
    into crypto before it was cool


  • Catheryne Nicholson

    Co-founder & CEO

    powering blockchains in the cloud

    @Catheryne_N @BlockCypher

  • Elizabeth Stark

    Co-founder & CEO

    scales blockchains

    @starkness @lightning

  • Meltem Demirors

    Digital Currency Group

    deploys resources to build the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem

    @Melt_Dem @DCGco

  • Rumi Morales

    Future of fintech investor and entrepreneur
    Former CME Ventures Head


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