Fund II

Our Why

In 2016, The Helm identified a unique pocket of value in an increasingly crowded venture capital landscape: the structural and systemic undervaluing of female-founded companies. Of the $58.8 billion dollars invested in U.S.-based companies the year before, only 7 percent of funding went to white female entrepreneurs (for women of color, it was 0.2 percent). In 2017, funding for female founders dropped to and remains around 2 percent.

Despite this, studies have shown that women continue to outperform their male counterparts. We saw this as an opportunity to realize significant social and financial returns. We responded by raising our first fund and building an ambitious platform to invest in and support female-founded companies. The results have been tremendous. With the launch of Fund II, investors can benefit from the same arbitrage opportunity.

Fund II

The Helm is a generalist seed-stage fund investing in companies with at least one female founder. We are investing in founders who take a broad view of the needs of the world, and are using technology to create novel, enduring solutions to difficult problems. For more information, please see our FAQ. To view our portfolio, please click here.

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    To be an individual accredited investor you must meet one of the following standards: - Individuals with annual income over $200k (individually) or $300k (with a spouse) in each of the last 2 years and an expectation of the same this year; OR - Individuals with net assets over $1 million, excluding the primary residence (unless more is owed on the mortgage than the residence is worth); OR - An institution with over $5 million in assets, such as a trust; OR - An entity made up entirely of accredited investors. View the complete definition.
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