About Us


Women receive just 2% of all venture capital. The Helm is changing that.

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  • The Mission

    Innovation is not gender-specific, yet only 2% of venture capital goes to female founders. The Helm is changing that.

  • Why Venture

    If we want the future to include companies that consider women, are led by women, and create wealth for women, we need to invest in them.

  • Early Stage

    We are finding and investing in undervalued companies at a stage when they show incredible, defensible promise; giving them the capital to deliver on that promise.

  • The Results

    Female-founded startups outperform companies with all-male founding teams, delivering twice as much per dollar invested as those founded by men.

Our Team

Lindsey Taylor Wood

CEO and General Partner

Over the last decade, Lindsey has built and run two companies, including The Helm’s operating company and first two funds. A proven operator and investor, she has invested in some of the country’s best women-led companies, including Tia, who last year raised a $100M Series B. She is a leading voice and thinker in the gender-lens investing space with an extensive and diverse network. As The Helm’s Founder and a GP, she directs the Fund’s strategy, fundraising efforts, sources and diligences deals, and supports a growing portfolio.

Julie Weber

COO and General Partner

Julie has fifteen years of private and public sector experience in global media and advocacy, internal communications, project management, fund administration, and operations. As a GP in Fund II, Julie has also acted as interim CFO, coordinating all fund administration, accounting, financial reporting, and legal activities. She sources and diligences deals, builds The Helm’s ecosystem, and supports a growing portfolio. She’s been with The Helm since the launch of Fund I in 2018, where her support has included fund administration, reporting, sourcing deals, investor relations, and platform and portfolio support.

Olivia Fleming


Olivia brings more than a decade of journalism and digital editorial experience to The Helm, with a deep knowledge and expertise in Climate & Sustainability Solutions. As Partner, she sources and diligences deals for Fund II, leads the Fund’s sustainability vertical, and manages our angel investor network, overseeing diligence and platform, digital, editorial, events, and communications-related activities for our founders and our wider community. Her inherent, journalistic instincts to build relationships, do deep research, understand the narrative, and ask tough questions, have made for a seamless transition into the world of venture.