The Helm is a New York City-based early-stage venture firm investing in game-changing companies founded by women. 

By investing in female-founded and underfunded technology-enabled companies, greater social and financial returns can be realized.

The Mission

Innovation is not gender-specific; yet, the seed-stage venture market is increasingly oversaturated, with too many dollars chasing the same few deals. Of the $62 billion invested in 2019, only 2.6 percent went to female founders. 

Despite female founders being structurally overlooked at the seed stage, female-founded startups outperform companies with all-male founding teams. Companies with a female founder generate, on average, a 35 percent higher ROI and 12 percent higher revenues than their male peers. The Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge found women-owned startups deliver twice as much per dollar invested as those founded by men. 

At The Helm, we are finding and investing in the undervalued companies at a stage when they show incredible, defensible promise; giving them the capital to deliver on that promise. It is imperative that female voices have a role in creating the companies, technologies, and systems that will shape our future. This is not only a problem that needs to be solved; it is also an opportunity to drive outsized returns by investing capital into the next generation of female-led innovation.

With every dollar we invest, we are supporting the female entrepreneurs creating the influential companies of the future.

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