Fathom is a connected hardware company that leverages sensor-based technology in combination with Machine Learning to predict and prevent injury.

Ivonna Dumanyan

Founder & CEO


Durham, NC

Year Founded:



Connected hardware, sports, healthcare

What first inspired you to build Fathom?
Ivonna Dumanyan: As athletes, myself and my partner both struggled with preventable injuries which stemmed from a lack of resources and followed us from NCAA sports to recreational athletics. We started fathom to democratize access to personalized training insight no matter your resources or environment!

Walk us through an average day in your life
Wake up around 6:30 – brush teeth, chug some electrolyte water
Cross-training / Lifting / or a nice long run with my partner and our dog
Eat a nice breakfast with my partner and head to our downtown office by 8:15
Scrum with the team by 9:15
Then from there it totally depends on the day. I might be in-field with a user or sales prospect or helping the team test some new UI/UX features. I might spend the day in the office working on strategy, or assisting with product, or might be on-site with product development partners.

Who do you look to for inspiration in your field and why?
Albert Lee (My Fitness Pal) has been one of the most influential people for forming my perspective on product. From just 2 conversations, I’ve been working for nearly 2 years to apply his recommendations and ideas about generating value for users

What’s one piece of advice you would give a fellow entrepreneur?
Marry your cofounder! This is largely a joke, but I do deeply believe that IF you communicate well with your partner and have complementary skill-sets, there is nothing better than starting a company with your partner!

Words to live by?
Assume the mindset that barriers are internal and the walls of the world will crumble to your feet.