Fuse is powering the supply chain for the next generation of commerce with its cloud-based inventory planning SaaS solution. Fuse pulls data from every step in the supply chain to generate demand forecasts, sales reports, PO recommendations, and more.

Rachel Liaw

Founder & CEO


Los Angeles, CA

Year Founded:



SaaS, commerce tech

In one sentence, what does your company/organization do?
Powering the next generation of commerce.

What first inspired you to build Fuse?
I was both a supply chain manager and a cofounder of my own baby brand and experienced first-hand the pain points that a growing brand goes through in the supply chain side. I decided there was a better way to do things, and Fuse was born out of that.

What are you solving for?
We are changing the way supply chain is managed, starting with forecasting and planning software. By utilizing predictive analytics in an intuitive, cloud-based platform, we’re able to help brands manage their working capital efficiently by reducing inventory overstock and stockouts.

Why should people care about your company and what you’re doing?
Scaling supply chain is one of the biggest pain points in the industry. Supply chain issues are often cited as the biggest blocker to a brand scaling successfully. Buying too much inventory causes working capital to be tied up and constrains a brand’s growth. Buying too little inventory leads to poor customer experiences and lost revenue. Poor visibility and lack of scalable software solutions is the cause of these issues.

What’s the biggest obstacle you are facing right now?
Previously, fundraising, which stopped us from growing the team and the business. Now we’ve solved that.

Who do you look to for inspiration in your field and why?
There are actually very few female-founded SaaS businesses, and even fewer with the female cofounder at the helm. However, there are some great up-and-coming female leaders in SaaS such as Edith at Launch Darkly and Laura Behren-Wu at Shippo that I admire.

What do you want to be known for?
Creating a company that operates with integrity.