StyleRow’s trade-only platform enables designers, brands, and showrooms to connect and collaborate to accelerate projects and grow their businesses. Sourcing, workflow management, product discovery and purchasing have never been easier for all sides of the industry.

Erinn Valencich

Founder & CEO


Los Angeles, CA

Year Founded:



Design, tech

What first inspired you to build StyleRow?
The need from both of my businesses for a better solution when it comes to technology to power our process.

Why is now the time for StyleRow to exist?
Because there is a big shift in our space now towards technology and the industry has remained out of date for too long.

Which opportunity that you are currently working toward is most exciting to you?
Building the business as a whole I would say. There isn’t one portion of it that’s more exciting currently since we are still at the early stages pre-launch.

When did you realize you were really onto something with StyleRow?
A year ago when I started sharing the idea with brands and designers and hearing each of them say “that would change my life!”

What do you want to be known for?
Creating meaningful change and beauty in a chaotic world.