The Best Female-Founded Online Resources to Survive Social Distancing

From virtual workout classes to online health consultations and all the ingredients you need to make a quarantini: these thoughtful offerings are delivered straight to your door in a time when you need them the most.

By Nikki Coats

Photo by Clifford Coffin/Condé Nast via Getty Images

Women-led businesses need our support now, more than ever. Luckily, we need them too. From digital fitness classes to webinar parenting support and online health consultations, we have complied the ultimate list of female-founded brands and businesses that you can lean on during the coronavirus pandemic. Check back daily for updates.


Virtual Fitness Studios & Gyms

  • Hana Raftery: Live-streamed yoga classes Monday-Friday. 10% of proceeds from online offerings are donated to Coronavirus Direct Relief.
  • Sky Ting: Live-streamed yoga classes led by co-founders Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones, as well as on-demand digital classes.
  • Modo Yoga: Multiple donation-based IGTV yoga classes every day.
Barre, Pilates, and Sculpt
  • Barre3: Full-body barre workouts. Although using equipment is optional, they’re offering 10 percent off on props to help support your at-home practice.
  • Physique57: Legendary barre studio that has an on-demand library with more than 100 video work-outs.
  • Melissa Wood Health: At-home barre classes promising “long lean lines” through meditation, mindful eating, and movement.
  • New York Pilates: Online classes coming soon.
Cardio & Strength Training
  • The Ness: For a physical and mental break, trampoline or no trampoline, The Ness Digital has dozens of videos to up your heart rate. You can also book an online private lesson by emailing
  • Body by Simone TV: An online streaming service with trainer Simone De La Rue’s dance-based workouts.
  • DanceBody: Dance-inspired fitness classes.
  • Fitness Blender: Offers free full-length workout videos, workout routines, healthy recipes, and more.
  • The Class by Taryn Toomey: Join the famous celebrity trainer Taryn Toomey in her digital studio for transformative physical conditioning classes.
  • The Sculpt Society: The #1 dance cardio and sculpting workout.
  • Tone it Up: An online fitness community that’s now offering live, daily workout classes through IGTV.
  • Openfit: Streaming platform that integrates fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

At-Home Exercise Gear

  • Live the Process: A diverse range of sustainable knits and activewear for those who want comfortable clothes that work for both exercise and office.
  • Nili Lotan: An elegant ready-to-wear brand that has branched into activewear for the multi-faceted woman.
  • Outdoor Voices: Breathable, lightweight activewear brand to get you moving.
  • Aday: Season-less staples, consciously-designed with technical fabric.
  • Carbon38: Supremely stylish but functionally-driven activewear.
  • Terez: An activewear and everyday clothing brand for women and girls who live in full color.
  • Michi: An active lifestyle clothing brand that combines high performance and high fashion.

Online Health Consultations

Reproductive & General Health
  • The Well: Offering virtual programming for an integrated approach to your health and well-being in the midst of a global pandemic.
  • Aviva Romm, MD: Midwife and herbalist Aviva is bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and modern medicine for women’s and children’s health, now doing live weekly Wednesday Office Hours on her Instagram.
  • Maven Clinic: The women’s and family healthcare company is offering weekly free Ask Maven Anything webinar series with experts to answers some of the most common questions they’re receiving from members about how COVID-19 is impacting women and families.
  • Tia Clinic: The women’s health clinic has temporarily become 100 percent virtual, offering Chat with Your Care Team, Virtual Video Visits (prioritizing COVID-19 assessments and Rx refills), and additional video visits for other types of gynecology and primary care consults available soon.
  • Parsley Health: Membership-based wellness practice that focuses on a whole-body approach, combining nutrition, lifestyle, and cutting-edge medical testing. You can now talk to your doctor online.
  • Elektra Health: Virtual healthcare clinic for women going through perimenopause and menopause. Members receive a complimentary 15-minute virtual visit with a board-certified OB/GYN.
  • Kensho Health: Holistic wellness network that is currently waiving fees for mental, physical, and emotional health providers to help clients get through the current times.
Mental Health
  • Talkspace: Network of licensed therapists offering virtual therapy. They are currently offering a COVID-19 Anxiety Management Program to all subscribers as part of their subscription.
  • Shine Text: An app that sends daily, supportive text messages to ease stress and anxiety.
  • Tempest: An online sobriety support group currently offering free virtual support meetings.
  • Real: Newly-launched, Real had planned to open the doors to its first mental health studio in New York in April. Instead, during COVID-19, they’re providing high-quality digital care free of charge.
  • Frame: A platform using a matching tool technology to find the right therapist for your specific needs.
  • Campo Beauty: One-hundred percent natural essential oils, diffuser blends, roll-ons, and hydrating body oils for modern Aromatherapy.
  • Sefte: An alpaca cashmere meditation cushion for those moments when you need a calming break.
  • Daughter of the Land: Highly effective, multi-functional organic skincare with the lowest possible impact on the environment.
  • Goodnight Darling: Dedicated to teaching you how to sleep well and feel great while doing it.
  • JinSoon: Ten-free non-toxic nail polish for that at-home manicure.
  • Joanna Vargas: Highly effective, non-invasive treatments customized to your skin.
  • Kali Zoe Designs: Hand jewelry that effectively calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety by applying pressure to the hand’s LI4 pressure point.
  • Palermo Body: Focus on the benefits of holistic living through these all-natural skin care products.
  • The Cristalline:  Healing crystals that balance both the mind and body, whether you need to calm your nerves or gain inspiration.

Food & Wine

Meal and Produce Delivery

  • Daily Harvest: Chef-crafted foods featuring organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door and ready in minutes.
  • The Culinistas: Personal chef services that include menu planning and cooking.
  • Little Spoon: Homemade quality baby food, personalized to your baby’s nutritional needs.
  • Tiny Organics: Fresh, nutrient-rich baby and toddler meals that are 100 percent organic, plant-based and free of the Big-8 allergens.
  • Lupii: Plant-based protein bites for plant-based people.
  • Sakara: Fresh plant-based perfectly-portioned meals delivered to your home.
  • The SV Market: An online vegan superstore curated by the people of Seasoned Vegan in Harlem, New York.
  • Local Roots NYC: A farm-to-table food delivery that offers fresh produce straight from local farms, provides cooking tips, and pre-cooked meals (prepared by a female chef).
  • Rustic Roots: Tri-state food delivery service that offers farm fresh fruit and vegetables and organic meat and eggs delivered daily from organic farms.
  • Marcia Selden Catering: A Connecticut catering service that is offering daily pre-cooked food delivery.
  • Misfit Foods: Sausages made of 50 percent vegetables and seasoning, and 50 percent humanely-raised chicken, available for delivery through FoodKick.
  • Spero Foods: Plant-based cheese made from sunflowers.
  • Prime Roots: Alternative meats and seafoods, made from a Japanese revolutionary whole food protein called Koji.
  • Vegan Essentials: An online vegan grocery store.
  • Abbots Butcher: Savory and delicious plant-based meat available to order on Vegan Essentials.
  • Rebellyous Foods: Ready-to-heat plant-based chicken nuggets, patties, and chicken strips.
  • Sweet Lorens: Baking company that offers clean, non-GMO and gluten-free sweets.
  • Soozy’s: Gluten, grain, dairy, soy and peanut-free mindfully-baked goods.
  • Taali: try these water lily pops—an all natural plant based snack made from popped water lily seeds.

For Your ‘Quarantinis’

  • Happied: App-based service offering a virtual happy hour series on Instagram.
  • Minibar: Delivers wine, liquor, beer, and more to your doorstep.
  • Kin Euphorics:  A first-of-its-kind drink (made from a mixture of nootropics, adaptogens, and Botanics) that will give you a naturally pleasant buzz without the booze.
  • Morris Kitchen: Ginger-based syrups to complement your favorite cocktail or drink.
  • California Dreamin: Delicious, all-natural, and low-dose cannabis Infused sparkling juices.


Online Resources

For you
  • Robyn: A network of integrative maternal wellness tools, resources, and specialists for women in pre-pregnancy and beyond.
  • Aviva Romm MD: Online medical advice from female doctors.
  • Peanut: An app-based platform for new moms looking to get connect with each other.
  • June Motherhood: Free virtual childbirth education courses.
  • Mindful Return: Planning a peaceful, empowered, and radiant return from parental leave.
  • Chairman Mom: A troll-free, abuse-free platform for working professional women.
  • Mahmee: A healthcare app that provides personalized, ongoing postpartum care to new moms and infants.
  • Amwell: Gives new mothers immediate access to experts who can answer questions and offer advice about everything from breastfeeding to the challenges that may arise with feeding a newborn.
  • Birth Day Presence: A premier provider of smart, non-judgmental childbirth education, infant CPR classes and doula training.
  • Modern Moms: A trusted resource and online community for women with practical tips, advice, videos and information on parenting, pregnancy, family, career, health, beauty, cooking, crafts and more.
  • Poppy Seed Health: 24/7 on-demand access to doulas, midwives, and nurses for wherever you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey. Offering the first 30 days free for unlimited text support.
  • Loom: Offering livestream webinars in a series called #thismatters, exploring  pregnancy and birth concerns during COVID-19 and providing compassionate and up-to-the-minute insights from professionals.
  • The Nurture Book: This online childbirth course that raws directly from the book Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood—and Trusting Yourself and Your Body will boost your confidence, soothe your heart and lighten your journey to motherhood.
  • Natalist: A platform providing advice and guidance on female reproductive health.
For your child
  • Sawyer: Two weeks ago Sawyer was connecting families to neighborhood activities and classes. Today, they’re offering the best online classes for kids including music, yoga, coding, and tutoring.
  • Nook:  What was until recently an open play space for kids has turned into a curated collection of ways to engage with your little ones in the comfort of your own home.
  • The Wonder: A membership-based network for families, working on bringing the magic of play and imagination to their digital space. Stay up to date by subscribing to their “Wonder Daily” newsletter.
  • Beanstalk: Delivering the best live and on-demand parent-toddler classes for busy families
  • Literati: Online book club for kids. Each month, your child will receive a package with five new books and the option to keep the ones you want to buy, and return the rest for free.

Sending Love from Afar


  • Farm Girl Flowers: Flower delivery service that ships to almost the entirety of the United States.
Care Packages
  • Small Packages: Chic, curated care packages to commemorate the ups and downs of life, from birthdays and engagements to breakups and sicknesses.
  • Milk Bar: A dessert company that delivers a moment of joy, a moment of lightness for your loved ones when they need it most.

Making the Hard Times Easier

  • Gathering Us: Gathering communities to support each other and celebrate a loved one’s life. Virtual funeral, memorial, photo sharing, donations, and grief support gifts.
  • Lantern: Free, step-by-step guidance for navigating life before and after death.

Working from Home

Online Resources

  • All Raise: The community that’s working to “accelerate the success of female founders and funders” has launched digital workshops designed to help female founders navigate these trying times.
  • The Riveter: The co-working space’s new online community is a network of working women that offers access to events, experts, and resources centered around optimizing your work-life balance whilst accelerating your career.



Tools to cook with during (and after) quarantine
  • Great Jones: A modern cookware essential line that is also offering real-time cooking advice via text.
  • Year & Day: Makes table settings more enjoyable with this ceramic dinnerware line.
  • Hedley & Bennett: Top quality, handmade cooking aprons and chef gear.
  • Bee’s Wrap: Sustainable food storage that is washable and reusable.
  • Our Place: Cooking and dining products that celebrate cultures, honor traditions, and cultivate connections.
  • Stasher: Reusable, functional silicone storage bags that are better for you and the planet.
  • Eastfork: Contemporary ceramic dinnerware line that is made by hand with regional materials.
  • Inka: Elevated lunch kits and leak-free food containers.
  • Material Kitchen: Thoughtfully designed, high performing kitchenware brand.
  • Mad Hungry: Spoons, spurtles, pots, and knives.
  • LEVO: Infuse oil, butter, and honey with herbs, fruit, and more.
  • Chelsea Miller Knives: Handmade knives crafted from discarded farm tools and high carbon steel horse files.
  • Hudson Wilder: A contemporary collection of tableware.
  • Alabama Sawyer: Turning urban timber into wood furniture, architectural elements, and home decor.
  • Coffee Registry: Beautiful walnut and brass pour-over stands to elevate your morning coffee ritual.
Pantry staples
  • Kollo: A tea line that hand-selects their tea leaves for a unique flavor profile and provides a 24-hour small-batch brewing technique to ensure maximum sensory benefits are conserved without the addition of preservatives, flavorings or sweeteners.
  • Golden Flourish: A tea line that embodies the benefits of natural healing.
  • Annie’s Ginger Elixir: A beverage made of natural and simple ingredients to create a delicious remedy that combats against colds, coughs, and aches.
  • Alaya Tea: Tea harvested by women in Darjeeling, Assam, or Kerala India.
  • Activist Manuka: Manuka honey products made solely and sustainably from 100% A-grade raw Manuka honey.
  • Golde: A brand that offers easy, superfood-boosted essentials for wellness and beauty.
  • Wooden Spoon Herbs: A wellness, herb-focused brand that works to create remedies and serums using all natural, locally sourced botanicals.
  • ILA: Kitchen essentials such as salts, spices, oils, and honey sourced from farms and artisans around the globe.
  • Ritual: Multivitamins expertly formulated to boost immune, stress, energy, & beauty.
  • Brightland: Extra virgin olive oils that are hand-sourced from a single-estate California farm,and crafted in an organic mill.
  • Dripkit: A coffee brand that offers delicious and ready-to-brew coffee packs delivered to straight to your door.
  • Wellflower: A pantry essential brand balancing the line of science and wellness with its all natural, non-GMO that helps restore a healthy and happy relationship between women and their hormones.
  • Canyon Coffee: A coffee brand that is brewed from ethically farmed and expertly chosen unique tasting beans grown in Guatemala that are roasted using various small-batch techniques to create an assortment of flavors for all types of palettes.


Toiletries from clean brands
  • Better Not Younger: Haircare products for aging hair.
  • Linné: A gentle skincare brand committed to creating luminous, healthy skin from the highest quality natural ingredients.
  • LESSE: A skincare brand that offers products that are suited for all different skin types, utilizing powerful antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin without the need to follow a lengthy regimen.
  • Esker Beauty: A plant-based beauty care brand with products that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and vegan.
  • NOTO Botanics: A multi-use cosmetics line with natural products fit for all genders.
  • Odacité: An all-natural skincare brand created after the founder’s battle with cancer inspired her to embark on a wellness journey.
  • LOLI Beauty: A beauty line that uses ingredients that are locally-grown, non-GMO, and vegan so they’re healthy for not only your skin but the planet.
  • Joanna Vargas: A beauty brand with highly effective, non-invasive treatments customized to your skin.
  • Planted in Beauty: A certified non toxic, organic skincare collection, containing the highest level of organic ingredients.
  • One Ocean Beauty: A beauty line that embodies the reinvigorating properties of the ocean, with non-toxic and sustainable products that are also high performance and technologically forward.
  • Dehiya Beauty: A plant-based, vegan botanical skincare line inspired by ancient beauty rituals.
  • Matrescence Skincare: A pregnancy safe beauty line will help you navigate motherhood with beautiful, radiant skin.
  • Collective Laboratories: A haircare line with ingredients that are created by nature, activated by science, and collectively formulated in their laboratories
  • LOLA: Period products made with 100% organic cotton and gynecologist-approved sexual health products delivered to your door.
  • Maelove Skincare: A skincare brand that focuses on face serums that gives you hydrated and brightened skin all day long.
  • Billie: A shave and body brand delivering premium-quality razors and skincare at half the price of the competition.
  • The Honey Pot: Plant based feminine care that includes natural washes, wipes and pads


Independent Bookstores

  • McNally Jackson: Providing book delivery and audiobooks online.
  • Cafe Con Libros: Purchase feminist books online.
  • Bluestockings: A volunteer-powered and collectively-owned radical bookstore and activist center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan that offers online book purchases.
  • Sisters Uptown: Indie bookshop and community hub spotlighting a range of titles and events, by and about African Americans, that will have an e-commerce site up soon.
  • Books Are Magic: Hard-to-find books are available for online purchase.
  • Little City Books: Offering audio books online.
  • Twenty Stories: This mobile bookstore is now offering online book purchases.

Audio Apps

  • Goodpods App: Follow friends and experts for the ultimate podcast recommendations.
  • Dipsea: Erotic audio stories where sexual wellness meets feminist, empowering storytelling.

Art Supply Delivery

  • Clare: Safe and eco-conscious paints in a variety of curated colors, as well as paint supplies like brushes and rollers.

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