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With All Due Respect

We Need to Talk About Menopause

100 percent of people born with a uterus will go through menopause if they live long enough—but only 7 percent of them will get the help they need for it, reveals Gennev founder Jill Angelo.

By Jill Angelo

With All Due Respect

Biomarker Testing Is Key to Personalized, At-Home Fertility Care

As healthcare rapidly expands beyond the hospital, personalized biomarker testing is crucial to understanding each woman’s unique fertility profile.

By Dr. Amy Divaraniya

With All Due Respect

The Problem with Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade certified farmers rarely see the incentives they are promised, says Inaru co-founder Janett Liriano.

By Olivia Fleming

With All Due Respect

The Problem with International Women’s Day

Women want more, expect more, and deserve more from a day built on centering us.

By Lindsey Taylor Wood

With All Due Respect

White Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Capitalizing on Black Culture

Before launching a product, service, or brand, founders need to recognize that cultural appropriation is a tool of white supremacy.

By Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

With All Due Respect

We Need a Better Strategy to Save Women-Led Businesses—Now

The grants, loans, and relief programs on offer may look good on paper, but in reality, they are at best unhelpful, and at worst, will only serve to hinder businesses as they reopen.

By Jill Lindsey