Take Care of Women-Owned Businesses by Taking Care of Yourself

As we’re sure you already know, small women-owned businesses are struggling to weather the storm that is COVID-19. Investments have hit pause, in-store shopping has become impossible, and many service providers are having to close their practices.

During this tough time, female-led businesses need our support more than ever. With this in mind, our e-commerce store will continue to run business-as-usual while our team works from home, with each of our brands fulfilling your orders as safely as possible. The Helm drives capital towards hundreds of female-led brands, and as their partner, it is our responsibility to step up in this difficult time and ensure they will still be here when life goes back to normal.

In our efforts to support them and our community, we are offering 20% off all purchases between now and April 20—a discount that will not affect the bottom line of our brands. Use the code SAVE20 at checkout.

We feel optimistic that we will come through this stronger and better together. If you are looking for more ways to support women-owned businesses during this time, we have crowdsourced some wonderful ideas here. And if you are a small female-led business, please email us at editors@thehelm.co to let us know how we can best serve you. Tell us what you need; we’ll get through this together.


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