Give the Gift of Investing in Women

These are the best gifts to ensure both female entrepreneurs and your loved ones have more money in 2023.

By The Helm Team

Money and Power

It’s no secret that most women are more comfortable donating their money than investing it, but philanthropy and angel investing don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Often, the best way to achieve our impact-oriented goals is to both support women through charitable giving and to invest (literally) in the world we want. We want women to have more money in 2022 because money is power. Period.

Luckily, there are myriad ways to invest in female founders—whether you are an experienced angel, new to the game, or you’d like to support someone in your life on their own investment journey. This holiday season, give the gift of investing in women to your loved ones with these offerings by and for some of our favorite female founders.


The Helm Investor Membership

Membership to The Helm’s Investor Community offers a simple way to fund the next wave of female-led innovation—whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out.; $750

Ellevest Money Membership

Work with a money coach with the Ellevest membership, which offers personalized investing, banking, 1:1 coaching, and exclusive learning tools.; $9 per month

Pipeline Angel Investing Bootcamp

For new investors, Pipeline Angels offers workshops focused on topics ranging from due diligence, valuation, portfolio strategies, and measuring impact. Bootcamp participants are also connected with seasoned angel investors who share best practices and lessons learned.; $4,500

iFund Women Campaign

Support diverse, women-owned businesses by funding a business campaign on iFund Women. Your gift receiptment will receive your selected reward for your contribution.; starting at $50

BLCK VC Donation

Formed to empower and support Black investors while increasing diversity in venture capital, this non-profit is focused on doubling the representation of Black investors (from 2 percent to 4 percent of the venture industry) by 2024.; donation

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