16 Female-Founded Companies Giving Menopause a Makeover

With new technological approaches to treating the most challenging symptoms, these female-founded startups are revolutionizing what it means to be menopausal.

By Quinn Devita

Despite the prevalence of intense menopausal symptoms (everything from Genitourinary Syndrome to unexpected hot flashes and pain during sex), menopause continues to be an under-recognized, under-researched, and untreated segment of global healthcare.

According to Contemporary OB/GYN, 90 percent of post-menopausal women experience painful sex due to dryness and atrophy, leading nearly 50 percent of women to give up on their sex lives altogether in their fifties. Adding further insult, a recent UK report found that nearly one million women have left their jobs due to menopausal symptoms. By 2025, a whopping 1.1 billion women are expected to be post-menopausal, which represents a $600 billion dollar spending opportunity—and female-founded healthcare start-ups are stepping in to fill the gap. With new technological approaches to treating the most challenging of symptoms, here are 16 companies revolutionizing what it means to be menopausal.


The brainchild of Virtue Health founder Arfa Rehman, Caria is an app designed for menopausal women to record symptoms, find therapeutic techniques, and gather insights about their menopause journey. By providing evidence-based approaches for managing symptoms—like cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, mindfulness, and fitness—Caria aims meet women with compassion, care, and community, all while debunking pervasive myths about the three stages of menopause.

Elektra Health

Elektra Health was built around one simple mission: “to smash the menopause taboo by reimagining it as the beginning of a powerful new chapter.” Co-founded by Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi, Elektra provides access to world-class, evidence-based virtual care, education, and a community for women to learn about their bodies and receive personalized care for their symptoms.


Founded by mother-daughter duo Debbie and Markea Dickinson, Thermaband is launching a temperature control device designed to help menopausal women control their body’s heating or cooling on demand. After working as a lawyer and suffering from debilitating hot flashes while in court during menopause (where she used an array of ice packs, wraps and fans for relief), Debbie was inspired to create the Thermaband Zone device as a portable, technology-driven solution to hot flashes.


Gennev, co-founded by former Chief of Staff  at Microsoft Jill Angelo, provides tele-health services in all 50 states for menopausal women, offering a variety of treatment options including prescription medications, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle behaviors for symptom relief. With a Gennev membership, women can book virtual appointments with OBGYNs, as well as work with health coaches certified in lifestyle behavior changes for managing weight and body image, sleepless nights, anxiety and depression. 

Attn: Grace

Attn: Grace is starting a long overdue conversation about women’s health in aging. Co-founded by Mia Abbruzzese and Alexandra Fennell, Attn: Grace is focused on helping women experiencing bladder leakage, a condition that 1 in every 3 women report. By helping women feel more comfortable communicating the existence of this menopausal symptom, the start-up is providing discreet, convenient, and sustainable products sourced and designed using tree pulp.


Kindra offers a collection of menopause essentials scientifically formulated to take on hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness. Founded by Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, Kindra’s estrogen-free products (like their vaginal lotion and daily vitamin supplements) were crafted to uplift women by approaching menopause thoughtfully and holistically, inside and out.

Lisa Health

Founder and CEO Ann Garnier started Lisa Health to help women not only cope with symptoms but actually prepare for menopause. After taking an initial assessment, users are offered personalized, science and expert-backed insights coupled with virtual coaching, symptom tracking, curated products and resources, education, and community for support.


An eye-opening conversation with her mom about sex in her fifties led founder Natali Waltz to investigate the lack of discourse surrounding menopause and adequate solutions. She launched Tabu, a sexual wellness company for menopausal women, to help alleviate symptoms like vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Designed in partnership with clinicians, Tabu’s Starter Kit includes a lightweight discrete massager and organic, healing lubricant.


Providing patients with access to expert medical providers who specialize in menopause through its accessible telemedicine platform, Evernow also offers therapeutic symptom solutions including a plant-based, FDA approved Estradiol patch and Paroxetine for hot flashes. Founded by Alicia Jackson, Evernow’s monthly subscription includes complete end-to-end personalized care including unlimited messages with a medical provider.


It’s long been said that food is medicine, but the healthcare system doesn’t always treat it as such. WeTheTrillions is helping women manage menopause symptoms through a nutrient-rich food plan delivered to your door. Founder and CEO Lamiaa Bounahmidi started the company to help customers save on over-the-counter and prescription medication costs by preventing menopausal symptoms through uniquely designed meal and health support.

Vira Health

Vira Health, a digital health company focused on improving long-term health for women, recently launched Stella, a new app that offers a 12-week personalized treatment plan for the most common symptoms of menopause, including sleep disturbances, hot flushes, incontinence and mood changes. Co-founded by Rebecca Love and Andrea Berchowitz, Stella’s tailored menopause treatment gradually introduces positive, new habits to help women find instant relief.


Made specifically for menopausal women, Joylux has launched the first smart sexual wellness device that—paired with an app to track progress and provide education on everything from hot flashes to better sex—aims to improve strength, sensation, and natural lubrication. Founded by Colette Courtion, the OBGYN-designed and endorsed device harnesses the power of red light, gentle heat, and sonic technology to promote hydration and overall vaginal wellness.


Using plant medicine and clinical studies to demystify and embrace the hidden complexities hormones, Wile is a holistic, plant-based wellness line for women over 40. Created in partnership with endocrinologists and naturopaths, co-founders Gwendolyn Floyd and Julie Kucinski started Wile to serve the millions of “mid-life women ignored by brands and the medical establishment yet overburdened with expectations”.

State Of

Founded by What Not to Wear host Stacy London, State Of has set out to make the state of menopause a little easier. As a personal care brand focused on the symptoms of menopause, products like cooling spray and cooling moisturizer provide rapid relief using innovative formulations with ethically-sourced ingredients.


On a mission to redefine the women’s journey from period to menopause, Binto is an on-demand personalized supplement subscription co-founded by Suzie Welsh. Binto’s service is as simple as answering a few questions about your health and receiving a curated collection of daily supplements straight to your door with a focus on enhanced mood, better sleep, immunity, balancing hormones, and reducing anxiety.

Pause Well-Aging

Made for all three stages of menopause, Pause Well-Aging is skincare that affirms beauty gets better with age. Founded by beauty industry veteran Rochelle Witzner, Pause Well-Aging products (like the Fascia Stimulating Tool or Hot Flash Cooling Mist) are formulated with a carefully researched fusion of vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides to help the body spark collagen production. 

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