Founder Profile: Five Questions With Ashley Cimone & Moya Annece

Meet the founders of ASHYA: a CFDA Award-winning, New York-based design label featuring utilitarian, unisex leather travel accessories.

Moya Annece and Ashley Cimone

Explain your company in a sentence
ASHYA (pronounced agh-shya) is an ode to exploration, pushing the boundaries of design and storytelling to help the modern-day explorer move more fluidly and thoughtfully throughout the world.

On the hardest days, what gets you out of bed?
Ashley Cimone: Matcha Lattes, morning prayers of gratitude, and knowing that each day is an opportunity to improve on who I was the day before.

Moya Annece: The guided meditation app, Calm, their “daily calm” helps me ease into the day.

Favorite life hack?
Ashley: ASHYA bags. Its the reason we designed them.

Moya: Learning to appreciate and not feel guilty about SLEEP. It’s such a necessity for productivity and efficiency in life. Going to bed earlier and starting my mornings sooner has helped improve my time management throughout the week

Favorite work hack?
Ashley: Slack. Its revolutionized the way we organize ourselves and conversations in the office.

Moya: Agreed, Slack has been a life changer! It’s really helped how we approach work in a much more organized way. Our personal texts have almost returned to normalcy, work-oriented conversations are limited to slack channels!

If you could give one piece of advice to other female entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Ashley: Seek out mentors. As a founder its been transformative to build relationships with more seasoned, lived professionals that have shared insight and helped me and my partner navigate the early stages of entrepreneurship. Some things can only be learned through experience, and learning from others’ experiences has helped us to mitigate certain early mistakes. If nothing else, having mentors has been extremely enlightening and affirming.

Moya: Mentorship I believe is vital. Be assertive yet agile, don’t be shy about asking for what you need—closed mouths don’t get fed.

Meet the Founders


Ashley Cimone & Moya Annece




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