17 Women-Founded Interior Design Firms to Hire for Your Next Home Revamp

From Beata Heuman to Brigette Romanek, our favorite interior designers remind us that there is no place like home.

By Kate Yarbrough

As we continue to spend 2021 indoors, there’s no better time to highlight the inspiring women leading interior design today. From Beata Heuman to Brigette Romanek, these women have extended their creativity into brands, businesses, and our own Instagram feeds. Ahead, 17 female interior designers giving us major house envy (and reminding us that there is no place like home).

Erinn Valencich

Los Angeles-based award-winning designer, Erinn Valencich has run her own successful design firm for more than 16 years, is the visionary behind luxury furniture brand ERINN V, and the founder of StyleRow, a platform that connects interior designers, brands, and showrooms. Follow Erinn Valencich on Instagram: @erinnvstyle

Brigette Romanek

Los Angeles-based Brigette Romanek—and her newly launched Romanek Design Studio—was named to Architectural Digest’s AD100 for the first time this year. The self-taught interior designer has a penchant for airy, modern spaces with soul. Most recently, she’s been working on ballerina Misty Copeland’s home. Follow Brigette Romanek on Instagram: @brigetteromanek

Jessica Lynn Williams

Founder of interior design firm Hendley & Co. Jessica Lynn Williams caught the design bug from her dad (a contractor) and grandmother (a lover of home decor). “I was always moving furniture around. I don’t think I realized it was an actual job,” she explains. “No one we knew hired designers. But I guess I grew into a blend of both of my parents.” Her goal is to bring homes to life by incorporating clients’ heirloom pieces and integrating them with complementary elements sourced through her holistic design process. Follow Hendley & Co. on Instagram: @hendleyandco

Maryline Damour

Consultant-turned-interior designer Maryline Damour is known for her custom-built homes, garden structures, and stonework. She founded Damour Drake to create a seamless integration of space, working with clients on construction and interior design simultaneously. She also offers one-of-a-kind custom furnishings that align with her clients’ goals. Follow Maryline Damour on Instagram: @maryline_damour

Meg Lavalette

Based in New York City and Greenwich, CT with a full design studio in the Catskills, LAVA Interiors covers both residential and commercial work, globally. Founder Meg Lavalette uses a hands-on approach to oversee all aspects of the project. From the modern One Prospect Park West in Brooklyn to a historic Catskills farmhouse, Lavalette brings a customized modus operandi to each client’s needs. Follow LAVA Interiors on Instagram: @lavainteriors

Ana Claudia Designs

Miami-raised Brazilian native Ana Claudia, who is a long-time resident of Brooklyn and now lives in Upstate New York, brings her eclectic background to AC Design Studio. She works in Hudson Valley, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Her work has been featured in Goop, Rue Magazine, Domino, House Beautiful, and HGTV. Follow AC Design Studio on Instagram: @acdesignstudio

Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman abides the philosophy that “every room should sing!” Born and raised in Sweden, Heuman worked for London-based NH Studio founder Nicky Haslam for nine years before opening her own studio, Beata Heuman, in 2013. Her joyful and colorful approach to design is met with Scandinavian attention to structure and longevity. She has her own collection of lightning, wallpapers, and fabrics produced by small, independent Swedish, British, and Italian makers. Follow Beata Heuman on Instagram: @beataheuman

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler founded her design firm Kelly Wearstler Interior Design in 1995. Her Los Angeles-based company has expanded into a multidimensional global lifestyle brand, known for blending contemporary, vintage, bold, and modern designs into each space. The New Yorker characterized her as “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design,” where she has channeled her creativity into her West Hollywood flagship gallery, online store, and four books. Follow Kelly Wearstler on Instagram: @kellywearstler

Henriette Kockum

Swedish-native Henriette Kockum’s design philosophy is centered around Scandinavian minimalism. Her expertise focuses on custom furniture and millwork design, space planning, styling, design strategy, and “people organization”. Henriette’ studio, Kockum Design is based in Austin, Texas, where she designs private and commercial spaces. Follow Kockum Design on Instagram: @kockumdesign

Jessica Helgerson

Jessica Helgerson, founder of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, designs with the belief that vivid and playful contemporary design should be fused with reverence for historical architecture. Her studio is based in Portland, Oregon and designs for U.S. and International clients. She believes in the power of good space planning, embracing dark spaces with materials such as zellige tiles, hand-blown glass, natural wood, and brass. Follow Jessica Helgerson on Instagram: @jhinteriordesign

Tatum Kendrick

Raised in Maine by her father, a carpenter, and her mother, a decorator, Tatum Kendrick founded Los Angeles interior design firm Studio Hus to tell a story about the home’s residents through design. She approaches each project with an architectural mindset and eye for aesthetics that are individually tailored to each clients’ lifestyle and budgetary needs. Follow Tatum Kendrick on Instagram: @studiohus

Transition State Design

Transition State Design is a full-service design studio and boutique founded by power-trio Lauren Schneider, Kelli Riley, and Jenna Rochon. The three friends founded the studio to unite their artistic synergy and sundry skillsets in fashion and design. The Los Angeles-based studio designs with the philosophy that space should feel balanced between a decorative aesthetic and laid back luxury. They specialize in exterior and interior design, architectural plans, and art curation. Follow Transition State Design on Instagram: @transitionstatedesign

Christina Britt Lewis

The Redesign Company was founded by Christina Britt Lewis and her husband. After selling their house in New England, the family moved to Charlotte to focus on making clients love coming home. The duo approaches each room as a blank canvas, incorporating clients’ cherished items, decor, and furniture pieces into a fresh space. Follow Christina Lewis on Instagram: @lovecominghome

Ilse Crawford

“The line between my work and life is thin to nonexistent,” says British designer Ilse Crawford, who resides above her studio in London. A former editor at Elle Magazine, Crawford transitioned to design with the launch of Studioilse, an award-winning design studio that bridges the worlds of interior design, architecture, and product design. The academic, designer, and creative director has worked with high-profile clients such as Soho House New York and Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm. Follow Ilse Crawford on Instagram: @studioilse_

Rose Uniacke

The Sunday Times coined Rose Uniacke “The Queen of Serene” thanks to her focus on simplicity, refinement, and light. The interior designer is trained as a furniture restorer, gilder, and expert in paint and lacquer, and believes in the individuality of each client—no two interiors, lighting, history, or personality the same. Her team works internationally, with showrooms and offices based in London. Follow Rose Uniacke on Instagram: @roseuniacke

Carrier and Company

Founded in 2005 by Jesse Carrier and her husband Mara Miller, Carrier and Company creates interiors that fuse timeless and contemporary design. Carrier’s work has attracted the attention of notable figures in fashion and finance, including Anna Wintour, Jane Rosenthal, and Jason Wu. The duo’s philosophy focuses on adapting to each independent client’s vision, whether bohemian glamour or country charm. Follow Carrier Company on Instagram: @carrierandco

Ashe Leandro

Co-founded by New Mexico native Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro, Ashe Leandro is known for its modern luxury appeal and focus on children’s rooms. Ashe studied design at New York University and began her career as a set designer at SNL. She draws design inspiration from her and Leandro’s heritage, sourcing natural materials from colonial Spain or implementing rigid lines of contemporary Latin American design. Follow Ashe Leandro on Instagram: @ashe_leandro

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