Membership Portfolio

Aunt Flow

With the first free-vend patented tampon and pad dispensing system for organic cotton period products, Aunt Flow is ensuring that no one will ever need to worry about getting their period.


WTHN makes the transformative, science-backed benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine easier to access, helping you to find relief from everyday stress and pain.


With curbside charging posts sturdy enough to survive in the toughest urban environments and plug-and-play charging, itselectric is unlocking access to electric vehicles for millions of drivers who park their cars on the street.

Venus Aerospace

Venus Aerospace is pushing the boundaries of high-speed, hypersonic transportation with a carbon-free engine that makes one-hour global transport a reality.

Rebellyous Foods

Rebellyous Foods is reinventing the supply chain for plant-based chicken alternatives, implementing novel food manufacturing equipment and processes in large-scale production to produce low-cost, high-quality plant-based meat at high volumes.


Realworld onboards Gen-Z into the working world by providing comprehensive guidance, tools, and resources around major life topics not covered in school.


A digital maternal health care company, Mahmee provides personalized, on-demand support to new mothers and infants.

Leda Health

Leda Health offers holistic healthcare to survivors of sexual assault, providing early evidence kits, a 24/7 care team, mental health support, an integrated user and lab portal, emergency contraceptives, STI testing, and access to transformative justice modalities.


Kinema innovates moviegoing by empowering anyone, anywhere to show films for their neighborhoods, communities and followers.


Inaru is transforming the agricultural supply chain, starting with cacao and coffee, enabling stakeholders to capture 40x the value of the raw crop by operating entirely vertically.

Miss Grass

Miss Grass creates premium tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) products specially formulated for sleep, pleasure, focus, and balance.


Tia is the new paradigm for modern female healthcare—including gynecology services, STI testing, primary care, mental health, annual physicals, abortion, and more.

Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab celebrates and empowers the hijab-wearing woman by designing innovative products fueled by an obsession with superior service and craftsmanship.


Aplos is a plant-based functional alcohol alternative, reimagining the adult drinking occasion for the modern, wellness-minded consumer.


Oova is a leading diagnostic brand in biomarker health, revolutionizing remote at-home urine testing with next-generation biochemistry and AI.


A first-of-its-kind dog daycare franchise for busy urban millennials, Dogdrop offers convenient, flexible, and tech-enabled monthly memberships for short-term stays (2-3 hours) nationwide.